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    classic case

    D / m, posters

    Making a more powerf

  • Best quality
  • High end design
  • Honest producer
  • It is a comprehensive printing enterprise specializing in design, production, printing and post process. Since its establishment, the company has been to create a professional modern printing enterprise as its own responsibility, adhering to the "quality oriented, good faith, customer respect" business philosophy, the company in the management of high quality modern management concept, in line wit...

    Our advantages

    we have the advantag

  • major01
    20 years to concentrate on the printing of high grade books

    From printing to post press to provide professional one-stop service.
    A printer for more than five years
    More advanced German Heidelberg printing machine
    One to one professional quotation,...

  • quality02
    Strict production process and quality standard

    Ensure the high quality of each printing
    Taking the lead in authentication through the ISO9000 system
    Use CTP color management system to maintain color accuracy.
    Full selection of grade a ...

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    The company creates value for customers, so that customers can save money and save money.

    From printing to post press to provide professional one-stop service.
    We provide a one-stop service from prepress photography → design → print → distribution.
    To provide custome...

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    The speed is fast and the quality is good

    Fair price, good quality, good value
    Good faith service, delivery on time and urgent order can be shipped for 2 days
    A grade paper supplier long-term supply, using environmentally friendly ink...

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    about us

    JIANG XI KENSHIN SPECIALITY PRINTING CO.,LTD. is located in the national garden and ecological city. YICHUN enjoys the reputation of "Lithium Capital of Asia" and "City of Moon Culture". YICHUN  has convenient transportation and pleasant seasons.     The company specializes in producing all kinds of rolled adhesive labels, beverage mineral water labels, metal/laser effect beverage film labels (hot melt adhesive labels), liquor labels, metal/laser effect beer crystal labels, metal/laser effect product adhesive labels, shrinkable film casing labels, handwritten/pen-written adhesive labels or hot melt adhesive labels, food labels, drug labels, batteries. Manufacturers of labels, tire adhesive labels, local ground printing, pure aluminum foil packaging printing, including copperplate paper adhesive labels, PET, PE, PP film adhesive labels.     Founded on September 19, 2017, the company's leaders and technicians have been developing in Shenzhen for more than 10...

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